• Nation Builders

    Nation Builders

  • Daoud Kuttab

    Daoud Kuttab

    Palestinian journalist, former Ferris Professor at Princeton U., established @AmmanNet. Contributor to http://t.co/8j1Yo83u2Z

  • Nojus Tumenas

    Nojus Tumenas

    Evangelist, Follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, involved in scientific research. Support me by buying me Ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/nojustumenas38098

  • David White

    David White

  • Rebecca Cooper Dupin

    Rebecca Cooper Dupin

    Anchor, Washington Business Report/ Reporter, ABC 7 News/WJLA, Mom of 3 boys 1 hamster (RIP Sniffy) & 1 dog. Wash DC by way of Oklahoma & Duke University.

  • Derek Ferreira

    Derek Ferreira

    Single, no kids, Enjoy sports and video games. riding my bike. Walking. working out. very friendly

  • Blue Star Families

    Blue Star Families

    Blue Star Families, Blue Star Voices

  • Tiffany Stanley

    Tiffany Stanley

    Writer & Editor | Washington, DC | tiffany-stanley.com

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